Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Starting the new year

Well I did it! I am starting blogging where the pros go! I figure I need to journal these things out or I will forgot how my life went. Believe me I am NO expert at this and never spell anything correctly because I type too fast and don't care to proof read.
I need to let everyone know my new years resolutions do I can be held accountable! Yeah right. I have made the intentions to try eat better, and just take general better care of myself. Eating right, thinking right and maintain a good lifestyle to I can be around when my kids should be taking care of me. So far off to a slow start however I am making the goal of setting up an appt with my primary and do a complete check up. Diabetes, blood pressure, any tests that I request preferably. I need to know that I won't die before I turn 60..or 50 for that matter. I have had the nightmares return that involve my mother and I need those to GO AWAY. I need to focus on ME and MY family now, and getting myself in better condition will get me in the right steps to achieving this great feat!!!

Well off to walk on my stepper while watching the kids do Wii!

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