Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting somewhere.

Well today was the FIRST Friday in a while that I actually got some much needed housework done. Got the two bathrooms clean as well as the kitchen and laundry room. I still need to vaccuum the rooms and leave time to make supper. Tonight we are off to FF game so that will be fun for the kids.
Just a short post today as my anxiety is getting somewhere but still worrying about some stuff. Not as bad as the other day, still some there but not as much.
Hopefully after I get started on supper another 45 min walk will be in order. The kids LOVE it and the new snow will make it even more fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flooded with items on my to do list.

Well since this snow and rain season has has my new venture into the flood insurance world. I have about 4-10 calls a day with the exception of today with only 1 call. It is stressful for me but I am getting somewhere now.

With flooding comes my nesting mode of getting everything in plastic containers and up off the ground. My goal is for Kirk to understand my anxiety of it all. I have lived for here all but 2 years of my 30 years of life. I remember the flood of 97 and having to walk from the pet shop to get home...NOT FUN and in NO way am I doing that with 4 kids! YIKES!!!

So going through the storage room and finally getting rid of ALOT of crap is making me feel alot better. Plenty of boxes for the thift store and trash for May clean up week...that can't come soon enough! I can't wait! There are days i wish I lived in WF that allowed you to put anything and everything on the curb!!! SO EXCITING!!! But low and behold Moorhead only gives you a one day a year! PLFF!!!!

Kirk is getting some household crap under his belt and getting that done before this flood season starts. Getting my anxiety under control knowing that if we do have to vacate the premise...we move in with the in laws. The is going to be a LONG spring!!! Things on the list that won't go away for awhile.

Hoping to see summer soon and plan all the kids activites!!!