Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great advice

After attending the Advent by candlelight last night at Mass an idea was brought to my mind....A good friend of mine passed away weeks agao from Leukemia after fighting for her life for just over a year...Amazing Woman!!! Roberta was a great friend and I will always remember our great "Girls Session at our Maplelag Retreat" Amazing woman...sharing her greatest gift of love through her faith.
Our speaker last night interveiwed her this past summer and she mentioned how she would do what is called the ABC Graditude list.

I was thinking it would be a great time to start one. I know I won't finish it today but HOPE to work on it throughout Advent. ( ideas from my kids)

A...Ants, Astronauts, and Apples
B...Bananas, Balloons, Books
C...Cars, Carter, Cassidy
D...Dad, Dog, Dinner
E...Eating, Elephants, Eggs
F...Farts,Food, Friends
G...Grapes, God, Gutters

Oh the thoughts that kids have!!! Love it...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Good friday....not quite yet....

Today was a good day....only missed Nathan's meds this morning, but daycare mentioned he did great without them!!! daycare mentioned he also got a tattoo that nathan was happy to show off, which he got for going poop in the tiolet and not in his pants!!! YEAH NATHAN!!! now only if we could only get Thomas trained....he is only two and half years older than you! Got baby steps mommy baby steps!

Office work went well, however I truly wish people would consider the fact that since the media has had it in the news since Jan if not sooner of the impending flood, you wouldn't wait until the last minute to get your flood insurance! URGH! Your insurance agent isnt there to save your ass thank you very much, and don't act like you didn't know there was a 30 day waiting period!!!! IT IS ALL OVER THE NEWS!!! ok I am off my box now but geez people seriously!!!

This weekend should be relaxing as there is no hockey due to the squirt tourney in town...giving us time to help out the in laws with furniture moving and hauling of goods for the "G" we just placed in a home.:( She is 90 years old...she has lived a good life! She isnt gone yet!

Off to play a game with the kiddos and go to bed! Early to bed tonight and I have to run back in to the office quick before then because someone just called for another flood insurance policy!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wonderful wednesdays

I have recently read a ticked off tuesday article and thought want better way to start happy things during this blog than starting my "own " series!

Wonderful Wednesdays

1. cold...but my car started
2. kids behaved in car
3. door worked at office today
4. got lots done at the office
5. nathan stayed dry and clean again all day at daycare!
6. husband started supper at lunch in the crockpot.
7. HOT CHILI for supper!!!!
8. laundry pile smaller ( due to AWESOME NEW W/D)
9. getting control of my weeks schedule
10. I have an amazing wonderful husband that helps me get through all the bad times and celebrates with me all these good times!

Have a great day!!! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying hard

This blog has turned into a sad place for me it seems. I find myself only writing about how my day went bad! I need to find something happier to do! Maybe pick up a new hobby! There's got to be something out there that will make me a happy person again.

The day ended on a bad note! Prayers requests for your daycare lady...she has become a really good friend and today she contacted me to inform me that she can no longer watch my son. HEARTBROKEN....but totally understandable. She has found a lump in one of her breast...she is presently waiting a phone call from the doctor on when to plan surgery....I am speechless...I have no words! When I grieve or mourn any sad moment I tend to get comedic! I laughed at my moms funeral for crap sake....that how i get through things. Laughing... is that horrible or what?

To "A"....our family is thinking of you and wishing you the best in this next step the big man upstairs has given you. Stay strong....and for my sake....LAUGH!!!! Your smiling can't hurt a thing!!!

Now to you who know her...don't call her up or anything...she's got enough on her plate...Just pray for her!!! PLEASE!!!!! She has been through enough!

oh "A"...you are an inspiration!!! STAY STRONG!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another round

Well, as things have settled here since our last round of fun, we begin again.

I was reading the obits today to see that one of my great uncles dear friend, had followed in his ways and went to heaven this past weekend. I know that this seems obscene to be bummed about, however it feels sad to say goodbye. I know I wont beable to make the funeral or visitation however sad. Just seeing another person you know go "away" is hard on anyone.

Believe me I wont go into a deep depression about it, however brings back the memories of spending time with Ade and Charlie and their ROMEO group! It was always nice to see "OLD" guys smiling. I feel that runs up there right along with a baby's smile. I just don't know but old men just hit a string with me. They are all so great. Even the crabby ones, I encounter on a normal daily basis. Charlie was NOT a normal crabby guy, he was so sweet and happy all the time. The memories of him will always stay in my mind. How weird that I was thinking of him the other day and now to see him in the obits. Sad!

God Bless Charlie! Say hello to my mom and ade for me. Make sure Ade and his sister are getting along!!! Miss you Grandma Dodi!

On to some good stuff. Feeling better today than recently. I have been having horrible migraines lately and they don't seem to go away. Trying to take my meds again and see if that helps.

Off to help Thomas with another spelling exercise....2 tests down so far 100% each time!!!! Already read his book to me and did great!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Needing to ask why alot today. If anyone has the answer great!!
Just asking for prayers this time. Thank you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

needing to post

For the last few days I have felt the urge to post but haven't had time.
My lovely husband scared the begebees out of me last Sunday with a big 30th Bday surprise party. He did well, I had NO clue! Thank you for all you awesome friends, who on a Labor day weekend came ot my really hot house and celebrated with me. Part of the reason for my post. I love parties but I hate the feeling that I didn't get to chat with everyone....it is so hard for me. I was even having a little panic attack at the end before everyone left. Probably why people were leaving. Sorry everyone. I just get so NERVOUS!! I have always been this way.
It was a great time and I feel bad for the few of you I didn't get to chat with. Thank you also to the LOVELY friends who cleaned my basement after their kids played there.....I sent the boys down to clean to I could rest and get rid of my migraine, but they came back up screaming "its all clean mom. Lets go eat" THANK YOU!!!!

Anyways getting into our routine here with school, work and daycare. Few kinks to work out but that will come. You now me worrywort!!!

off to figure out what the dog got into now!