Friday, February 26, 2010

Good friday....not quite yet....

Today was a good day....only missed Nathan's meds this morning, but daycare mentioned he did great without them!!! daycare mentioned he also got a tattoo that nathan was happy to show off, which he got for going poop in the tiolet and not in his pants!!! YEAH NATHAN!!! now only if we could only get Thomas trained....he is only two and half years older than you! Got baby steps mommy baby steps!

Office work went well, however I truly wish people would consider the fact that since the media has had it in the news since Jan if not sooner of the impending flood, you wouldn't wait until the last minute to get your flood insurance! URGH! Your insurance agent isnt there to save your ass thank you very much, and don't act like you didn't know there was a 30 day waiting period!!!! IT IS ALL OVER THE NEWS!!! ok I am off my box now but geez people seriously!!!

This weekend should be relaxing as there is no hockey due to the squirt tourney in us time to help out the in laws with furniture moving and hauling of goods for the "G" we just placed in a home.:( She is 90 years old...she has lived a good life! She isnt gone yet!

Off to play a game with the kiddos and go to bed! Early to bed tonight and I have to run back in to the office quick before then because someone just called for another flood insurance policy!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

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