Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great advice

After attending the Advent by candlelight last night at Mass an idea was brought to my mind....A good friend of mine passed away weeks agao from Leukemia after fighting for her life for just over a year...Amazing Woman!!! Roberta was a great friend and I will always remember our great "Girls Session at our Maplelag Retreat" Amazing woman...sharing her greatest gift of love through her faith.
Our speaker last night interveiwed her this past summer and she mentioned how she would do what is called the ABC Graditude list.

I was thinking it would be a great time to start one. I know I won't finish it today but HOPE to work on it throughout Advent. ( ideas from my kids)

A...Ants, Astronauts, and Apples
B...Bananas, Balloons, Books
C...Cars, Carter, Cassidy
D...Dad, Dog, Dinner
E...Eating, Elephants, Eggs
F...Farts,Food, Friends
G...Grapes, God, Gutters

Oh the thoughts that kids have!!! Love it...

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