Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holding on to my thoughts

Life has been crazy but I thought I should share that I am in need of some prayers...nothing serious but prayers for calmness. Anxiety has been high lately as well as increase in nightmares.
Hopefully this all ends soon!

It all stems from a little bit of everything. "T" has an appointment on Friday and I hope the xray shows improvement, if not ...I NEED a referral for a solution.
Flood Insurance has been crazy this week as well. App after app...no complaints but just proves we are in for something this spring.
Two "SO" moved into the north side of town and that always worries me. I know more live here all the time, but the reminder that there are even more scares me. You just hold tighter to your loved ones.
I have included a favorite pic from the happiest day of my life...marrying my ROCK! I love you Kirk!

Prayers would be appreciated.
Thanks to all who read.