Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing anymore

Well the latest forecast has come to officially 35.5 ft on Saturday! A whole foot and half lower than yesterday!

Reason alone to celebrate! Yipee!!!

Kids have been outside the last few days and going on walks and getting back in to normal spring/summer life. Kids are enjoying school and whats left of it. We haven't heard yet if St Joes will be making up that lost week of school. School Board decides and since my husband is on the school board I am hoping he is listening to me and my requests! Like that would happen! Thomas' school just got remodelled and it was completed so this week we have a new entrance and everything. New classrooms to use and it is so exciting! Everything looks so great!!! The final things in school are coming up like the school musical, kindgarten prayer service! FUN FUN FUN. I can't wait until Carter goes there next year! yeah baby!

Summer activites will be starting soon too, carter in golf, Anna in tennis, thomas in baseball and all the kidddos in swimming. We hope as a family this year to go somewhere this summer for a vacation. Any ideas? We will most likely land ourselves at Buffalo any chance we get!

Enjoying the spring weather and getting used to the idea of life being back to normal. Construction will start soon on the basement and life will be great!

Going to enjoy tax day today with a trip to Dairy Queen for their traditional shocolate sundae giveaway!!

Off to enjoy more spring like weather.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting ready for round two.

Well as many of you know we just finished up with a record flood. Well at least for now, another crest is headed our way mid Apr and it has a chance of meeting that same record or even breaking that one. Too much for me to handle. There is SO much I haven't gotten done because of this flood. I just want this all to go away.
March 21st was my moms 4 year anniversary of her passing and I am very upset I didn't get out to her gravesite. Luckily for me my excuse is she is surrounded by water. I hope to get out there before the next crest. Maybe tomorrow or Monday afternoon.
Kirk and I are getting everything situated in the basement. Things up and thrown out. Let me tell you not much is going back down. It has always felt crowded down there and now is my chance to thin things out! We are getting new flooring and getting two rooms redone. Hopefully a new shower too. We will see, it all depends on insurance. Helps when I work in that field! YAHOOIE!!

The thrift store will love us inthe next coming weeks. Going through clothes that don't fit kids anymore. I actually have found that I LOVE getting rid of stuff. ( Kirk has done this to me, damn him!) The first week of May is clean up week where we are allowed to pretty much put anything on the curb. Luckily for us it is extended due to so many homes having damaged basements and homes. Just cleaining out my house of unwanted crap makes my heart beat better on its own. There is so much stuff we gather and collect that we dont even realize. I was telling Kirk that even though we have most things upstairs already..We still have SO much downstairs still. washer Dryer, Sofa loveseat, entertainment unit, deep freezer, air hockey table, desk, etc etc etc! It never ends!

Not that I am not grateful for all these things. I can realize quickly how I would take it all for granted. I can't imagine losing my house. I feel so much for those in our area who did. Heartwrenching! I can't begin to imagine.
Well now that it is 830pm and none of my kiddos are down, I mist go and smack some butts. Jk Nathan is using potty time as an excuse to delay bedtime and I am TOO much of a softie!

Night all!