Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing anymore

Well the latest forecast has come to officially 35.5 ft on Saturday! A whole foot and half lower than yesterday!

Reason alone to celebrate! Yipee!!!

Kids have been outside the last few days and going on walks and getting back in to normal spring/summer life. Kids are enjoying school and whats left of it. We haven't heard yet if St Joes will be making up that lost week of school. School Board decides and since my husband is on the school board I am hoping he is listening to me and my requests! Like that would happen! Thomas' school just got remodelled and it was completed so this week we have a new entrance and everything. New classrooms to use and it is so exciting! Everything looks so great!!! The final things in school are coming up like the school musical, kindgarten prayer service! FUN FUN FUN. I can't wait until Carter goes there next year! yeah baby!

Summer activites will be starting soon too, carter in golf, Anna in tennis, thomas in baseball and all the kidddos in swimming. We hope as a family this year to go somewhere this summer for a vacation. Any ideas? We will most likely land ourselves at Buffalo any chance we get!

Enjoying the spring weather and getting used to the idea of life being back to normal. Construction will start soon on the basement and life will be great!

Going to enjoy tax day today with a trip to Dairy Queen for their traditional shocolate sundae giveaway!!

Off to enjoy more spring like weather.

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  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Isn't the new crest info. great news :) Finally the weather is warmer and shortly we should be able to fully enjoy it!