Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another experience to make in the books

well today I had all three boys at the dental office. Thomas has become a pro now, already choosing his flavors of toothpaste and flouride without even needing me to go back with him. What a relief! Why you might ask....while at the same time Carter goes back and gets his cleaned. The first time he didn't need me at all to go but back he wouldn't let poor Tammie do anything to him, Mr. Silent comes out and he refuses things. So today I went back with him and he did great, didn't talk but let Tammie go crazy on him. It was hiliarious at some points because he would let her clean them all up and then start to gag!!! we couldn't stop laughing! he did great and I was very proud of him. Nathan was a WHOLE other story!!! He started out ok, he needed to be in my lap and he let her look with the mirror and clean the bottom teeth, but it came time to do the top and it is light a SWITCH WENT OFF! He wanted NOTHING to do with Tammie or Dr. C for that matter. We tried for a while but stopped to not traumatize the poor kid. Fun to say the least. Thanfully Ashley was with and that saved me! She went with Nathan to see how Thomas let everything just happen if you just sit there and listen and I think that really helped! after everyone was done, they got to go get a toothbrush and toy out of the basket! To say the least the day went a heck of alot better than thought! I will share pics when I figure out how to post those. Tomorrow night we get a date night, Thanks to Ashley again...Fargo Force game and Red Lobster!!! I can't wait!!! Yipee!!! It is much needed!!!

Until tomorrow, hopefully I will learn to post pics and let you all experience my world with three boys at a dental office, cant wait until July!!! We get to do it all over again!

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