Tuesday, January 13, 2009

funny day

Well my day usually starts out with Kirk dragging my butt out of bed to get in the shower and he takes care of the kids and I get ready at the door and help the kids get coats on and everything. At this time is the most stressful for both Kirk and I and I always get in the car and laugh...mainly because I am sure our neighbors either think we are pyscho or are busy calling 911. We are ALWAYS screaming at the kids to get stuff on and yelling at Nathan.."Nathan, daddy can put your stuff on you...Mommy can't do everything" When we leave the house Kirk takes Thomas to school and I take Nathan to his daycare and Carter to preschool. Lots of hauling but they love their places so it is worth it! It is ALWAYS a battle to get kids in cars cause they always want to go in daddys van. Another funny point to add...we have the same vans...just different colors. They always want to ride in Dad's van. we scream all the way to Amber's because Nathan is screaming for Daddy...even though all morning he screams for me. Carter is screaming because he isn't at school yet. The plain fact is our mornings are chaos!!!

I got home today with the kids and we shoveled the driveway and Nathan has asthma so for him to be outside in this weather is not good but he insisted we shovel...so we got almost done and said to me....Can daddy do this when he gets home??? I said sure he says to me.." I am OUT OF HERE!!!" The kids have been cracking me up lately with there comments so look forward to writing more of them.

Off to help Kirk make supper and hopefully heading to Dave's Southside tonight for Young Adult night...thank God for Ashley!

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