Friday, January 16, 2009

long day

At 10am, daycare called me and said something isn't right. So I took him in and figured it was just a cold or something and they would send us home. Such was NOT the case. Triage sent us to the ER, and they gave him IVs ran a bunch of tests and got him going on some inhalers. Only double his usual dose times 3!!! It helped, they took some XRAYs and it seems his lungs had a MILD case of Pneumonia. YIKES. He is doing better now but gosh I wish that kid would nap. He finally feel asleep around 11-1130 when RT came and did a treatment! LOVELY!!! Since I orignally told him at 9 when we went to bed that when he woke up it would be breakfast time and we would order him some food. At that time I did NOT know RT was coming at needless to say we were eating breakfast after RT left and then of course we got a HUGE shot of energy. We decided it was a GREAT time to go ride the Police Car Coupe car in the playroom, and take it for about three rides or so around the WHOLE 6th floor. Needless to say it was 2am and ALL the nurses thought we were pyscho. Whats a two yr old to do at 2am!! SLEEP?? no way!
After finally falling asleep to Mighty Ducks D2, we fell asleep about 330-430ish. Lost track I think. We finally slept until RT came again at 5am to do another treatment since he was hacking so bad during that rest period. So he finally slept through that one THANKFULLY, and slept until about 730am. Had breakfast again...yogurt and orange juice, had some nasty tylenol and got order to discharge. YIPEE!! A few more laps around 6th floor, while we waited and saw the doctor again.
What a long day!!! Doing better but still have NOT napped! Hopefully he is good for Ashley tonight. Kirk and I are going to the School Board Christmas Party so it will be a good break from hospital life! More to come...I will try to load some pics of him in ER and riding his PC coupe car at 2am!!! Plus we played a good game of hide and go seek.

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  1. Poor guy, and Mom too! I'm glad everything is okay now. Hope he's feeling better.