Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another day

Nothing exciting today. Got lots done at the office, so that is GOOD news. Still LOTS to get done while the boss is out! Yipee!!! Pretty soon we are headed to hockey practice. I have been normally dropping off Thomas with Kirk meeting us there to help coach and I drive the two little ones home ans have supper and play with them/ get housework done. However today I am going to bring them all with. I need them to burn off some energy and I want to see Thomas tonight and see any improvements that have taken place. I can't wait! The boys are usually quite rowdy at the rink and I dread it in itself but tonight I am letting them run with exceptions. Does that make any sense? Anyways off to get SOME housework done before we leave and then it will be a late night tonight with baths and dinner after practice.

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